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With that, we headed back to the dorm for the evening. E starts playin this game too i'm putting him on ignore! Whenever I saw one, I immediately switched to a Persona that was strong against Darkness - the Mamudo skill these guys use attempts to instantly kill everyone. Before we left, I talked to Aigis about her combat abilities. The next day was the beginning of summer vacation... Maya: actually, i only went cuz i was so pizzed at that bastard!

We have less than two weeks to get ready, and I'm sure the next Shadow will be stronger than the last one... If you think you can handle it, let's go to Tartarus tonight.Coach: Since you're a transfer student, you probably don't know about the upcoming competition, right? ) i made a small error in my gradebook and now he's all on my ass Maya: he thinks he's all that just cuz he's a history teacher ffs Maya: if Mr. Speaking of pwned, looks like I just pwned a Social Link rank... Junpei: Senpai is the smartest girl in the school and the President of Student Council... Yuka-tan is pretty damn popular, so she could prolly get any guy she wants..that just leaves Fuuka, but she's super shy. (You guys have probably already guessed this, but Junpei is right. We get a Knight card of every suit for acing finals, which is a pretty great reward, seeing as we want max Academics eventually anyway.) I hung out with Yukari again after that. Hmm, but just gerberas might be a little plain..other flowers do you think would look nice? Yukari: Actually, any flowers would be fine if they were from you, Minato-kun...psych!

We need max Academics to date Mitsuru, max Charm to date Yukari, and max Courage to date Fuuka.) After class that day, Coach came to talk to me. You'll be going up against a monster named Hayase, but you can handle it. Anyway, we got back from vacation on the 23rd, with Aigis in tow. If the form of the weapon was a tank, for instance, the weapon's mind would recognize itself as a tank...however, a tank is not a living entity. Y'know, getting a bunch of women into my bedroom would be nice, but not like this. Aigis: I propose to be on standby in this room from now on. Aigis: If there is a problem, I will address it promptly. How could this NOT be the single greatest Persona in the universe? Oh, something I haven't mentioned - sometimes upon leveling up, a Persona's skill will begin to change; this will usually upgrade it, though sometimes it'll turn it into something else entirely, so I have the option of stopping the change if I wish. Didn't matter much to me - I was off to see Mutatsu that night. This is crucial, you see, because the mind of a non-living entity will not process human thoughts will not function properly, and it will soon become corrupted. Yukari: Uh, the problem is it's against dorm regulations... She's just a robot..a freak would see her as something sexual. Yukari: Tch...alright, I'll have a room prepared for you on the third floor. Oh, I made Mithra, some kind of horrible lion/snake monstrosity, too, but dude. (Mithra gained a ton of levels thanks to our strong..."friendship" with Bebe, by the way.) I grabbed Akihiko, Aigis, and Yukari, and up we went. I know how it is; I don't like it when I'm browsing a site and I accidentally trigger an awful flash ad where a big, freakish i Phone starts singing at me. That means no one will ever know about anything we've done..kinda sucks, don't ya think? My life was a goddamn mess before the Dark Hour, and it'll probably be the same afterwards. (This is the best way to raise Charm, giving twice as much as a cup of Pheromone Coffee. (Yukari will only respond like this with max Charm; anything less and she shoots you down.) I agreed, so we headed to the roof. Yukari: Y-you might have forgotten about it already, but at Yakushima... Palladion's main issue is her weakness to lightning, which makes her hard to use along with Yukari, who shares that weakness. That's why here on the Let's Play Archive we'll only ever serve up nice banners that behave properly. Well, summer vacation's been over for a few days now, and I've gotta say that I miss it. Unfortunately, our Charm's already maxed, so this boost is completely useless to us.) Oh, there's this, too. Oh, Palladion is also awesome because its head splits open into a gun whenever it uses an attack skill. Next, I asked where the other robots like Aigis were. There were new Shadows there, like this Silent Book.