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Early map of Kent by the London publisher Henry Teesdale dating from around 1830.Teesdale flourished between 18 with this particular map coming from his 'New English Atlas'.

Scarce London copper plate engraving 'A Map of the Parish of St Dunstan's Stepney als.Stebunheath Divided into Hamlets' dating from around 1755.Super plan with key to all the streets and roads bottom left. The image is of an event from 1716 during the Spanish Succession War.The plan, which has later hand colouring, is in good condition but has been laid on card; price does reflect this. The view is of the east coast of Scotland showing Perth, Montrose Bay, Dundee up to Aberdeen. Ref no: 3329 Price: £48.00 Early copper plate engraved map titled ‘Tweddale, alias The Shire of Peebles & c’ Scotland by Herman Moll.The docks include the East India, Import and Export, as well as the West India Basin and Reservoir. Copper plate engraved map titled ‘A Map of the Hundred of Little and Lesnes and the Hundred of Dartford and Wilmington’ from Edward Hasted’s ‘The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent’.

The map is shown mounted but because of the size it will be forwarded rolled in a tube. Rare, small, map of Wigtown Kirkcudb, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland by Aristide Michael Perrot. The books were published in 12 volumes between 17, with the maps engraved by William Barlow.We have others from this atlas, Middlesex, South Wales and Dorset, in our 'UK Maps' section.The map, which has original hand colouring, is on watermarked paper marked 'J Whatman, Turkey Mill 1828'. The map, which has original hand colouring, is on heavy paper.Very interesting map from the early period of the great canals.The canals stretch from Chelmsford to Berkhampstead in the north to Tonbridge and Guildford in the south.However it has been priced to allow for condition and is quite rare. The map is by William Barlow and dates from around 1770.