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There's none of this "It's complicated..." "We're talking..." "We're texting"...

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I'm only highlighting the awkwardness that can sometimes arise when East Meets West in terms of relationships.

I also feel that this story might help other foreigners in similar situations prepare for what they might encounter.

Well, one thing lead to the next and before I knew it, I was going on trips with him to cliche couple spots around Seoul, like Namsan Tower and Nami Island. Like in the West, meeting the parents of a significant other often means that things are quite serious and is commonly indicative of a forthcoming marriage.

Yongguen assured me that this was not the case and simply wanted his parents to meet me before I left, as he didn't know when there would be another chance for this to happen.

Knowing that they were devout Catholics, I knew I had at least had the same-religious background thing going for me.

I started to assure myself that it would be fine but I soon found out that I'd be meeting them at my boyfriend's dad's 60th birthday party (a big deal in Korean culture), which didn't help settle my nerves.

Also, the amount of time a couple in Korea dates can be measured in something similar to dog years.

What Westerners might consider a short time- 100 days, for example- Koreans consider monumental.

Still, I had agreed I'd meet them so there was no turning back now. Each had something different to say, some of their advice contradictory.

"Wear a cute dress and ." "Wear something casual so you're not trying too hard." "Bring them a gift." "Don't bring them a gift." "Don't talk unless they ask you questions." Well, I knew I could follow through with that last bit of advice, seeing as my Korean skills aren't the best.

I soon remembered a conversation my boyfriend and I had and that his mom dreamed of a dragon when she was pregnant with him, hince the ". I felt fine but my boyfriend was more nervous than I'd ever seen him, quickly became intoxicated, and was put to sleep early. He then told me his dad wanted to take me out to Chuncheon for some , my favorite Korean food. While there will still be some parents and older generations who do not want to see their children marry out of the Korean race (even if they live in Western countries) things are progressing.