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Allah has enjoined marriage for the believers for three basic reasons. To enable a man and a woman to live together and experience love and happiness, within Islamic law. To produce children, and provide a stable and righteous environment for their upbringing. To provide a legal union which safeguards society from moral and social degradation.

The first two reasons are self-explanatory; both take into account the natural urges of human beings.

Prayer is also an essential tool for deciding on a prospective mate.

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It entails a heavy responsibility for both man and woman, but I find very few people realize it.

When it is attempted, it is done on a very inadequate scale.

If you and your partner have righteousness, you will approach all aspects of marriage in a God-fearing way and will try to make a success of things.

Other factors to be taken into consideration in mate selection are family background, age, education and interests.

The woman who marries him is a muhsinah, which means that she has come into the protection of that fort, in order to protect herself and their morals.

It should be perfectly clear by now that Islam does not permit sexual relations, even preliminary acts of physical love, outside of marriage.Uncontrolled and uninhibited satisfaction of physical desire is simply not permitted in Islam. A Muslim man cannot go to any woman and merely satisfy his physical desires; he has to do so through a legal contract of marriage, which carries with it the additional responsibilities, duties and liabilities of family and children for the rest of his life.The result of this restriction is the creation of a society whose morals are protected.The Islamic law has only distinguished between two sets of rules.One pertains to God Himself, and the other to our fellow beings.This prohibition includes dating, secret paramours and experimental living together.