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Ginuwine's "Pony" comes on later while you're having sex. Volunteers at the community garden on his block, concentrating on self-improvement, every weed he pulls.

Crown Heights: The Do-gooder He’s lived in Brooklyn a little while (north of 3 years). It took a few neighborhoods for him to realize south of Atlantic Ave is where it’s at. He likes being able to run to Prospect Park; he heads down Eastern Parkway, past the pre-war buildings and the museum and then loops around, 5 miles on a day he’s feeling strong. How do you tell someone his problem is he’s trying too hard?

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He rolls his eyes: of course Mc Golrick is the nicer park.

He romanticizes GP’s old man bars and its end of the world industrial waterfront wasteland feel.

He’ll talk to you for a good five minutes about which bodegas to hit up for the best bacon egg and cheese (G Line Deli) or craft six pack (actually just hit the beer distributor on Bedford and Gates) or loosies (he’ll never tell).

He has opinions about which of the new white people bars are actually pretty cool (Dynaco).

Hides out by the Newtown Creek, wedged in between the treatment plant and the water, unable to suss out what he’s actually feeling, maybe because the stench is so strong. K-Dog), no earlier than 2 p.m., still bed-headed and sexy sleep-eyed—don't judge, he was gigging late last night!

He hates his job, but he can make it sound sufficiently like the perfect combination of inspiring and stable to get him laid by the artsy neighborhood girls, like that ceramics chick from the Pencil Factory. Prospect Lefferts Gardens / Ditmas Park /Kensington: Total Jazzer See him at the coffee shop Tip of the Tongue (R. He lives out there because a musician he knew who knew another musician who knew another moved out there first. If he wants to practice in the park, nobody bothers him.Steadily and squarely employed, he dabbles in creative side projects and at least one sanctioned sports league to counteract boredom.He’s a little embarrassed about living in the Slope, defends his choice when it comes up by saying he got a pretty good deal on his place, and have you been to any of the great dive bars out here (waxes nostalgic about Jackie’s 5th Amendment, then takes you to South)? Williamsburg: The Manhattan Transplant Dude is down to party. Like…if your hands are covered in ink, I’ll probably want ‘em all over my naked body too. I’m not into tattoo shaming but holy fuck that is literally a KINDERGARTEN CLASS CHALKBOARD.He’s trying to figure it all out, and depending on his mood, he feels closer or farther way from where he wants to be.