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Stone is troubled about prosecuting the case because of his doubts that Curry did anything wrong.

Back to top At a glance, Kimagure Orange Road is your basic high-school romantic comedy.

The romance and drama center around a love triangle. Most of the time, Madoka acts like a tough girl who can do anything and Hikaru demonstrates extreme cheerfulness.

Her father, a former army medic in Vietnam, accuses the hospital of negligence and demands a police investigation.

Logan and Greevey question a doctor who made adjustments to her chart, but are soon led to the respected Dr.

Kai drives Gerda away in tears and the Snow Queen takes Kai to her realm.

The adults try to dissuade Gerda from pursuing Kai, saying that he is already dead, but, determined to find Kai, Gerda sets off on her own journey filled with trials and tribulations.

Edward Auster, who they feel may have been drunk on duty.

The other residents are reluctant to speak for fear their jobs may be in jeopardy, and Stone is faced with the awkward job of prosecuting a revered physician.

Rather it was the intentional murder of Alan and equally intentional wounding of Janet.

Stone tries to get one of the suspects to testify against the other.

A white woman, Laura di Biasi, shoots two black men in a crowded subway.