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Dear 4-Way, I just broke up with my girlfriend a few months ago.

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You simply can’t make somebody fall in love with you.At the same time, you can’t make yourself love someone else.I mean, think about a close guy friend you’ve might have had for a long time.It isn’t possible to flick some sort of switch in your head and force yourself to feel some sort of attraction for him that simply isn’t there.Emotions will likely come up that she never knew she harbored. As far as your friends go, unless they know her friend better than you do, I would ignore their advice. The gay woman’s perspective: Jody Fischer It’s funny, lesbians are notorious for dating friends of their exes and exes of their exes. Let me ask you to answer the following question to see if you’re really ready for this: What are you most concerned about here?

A) Protecting yourself B) Ruining the friendship between the two girls C) Having them compare notes on you and how you kiss D) All of the above If you selected D, congratulations—that’s the correct answer! C) If you think that they won’t talk about you, you’re wrong. They may discuss your assets, but I’m guessing they will spend more time talking about your ass and other intimate info. I don’t care how buddy-buddy you are with her now, unless she’s super evolved, she’ll feel badly that she couldn’t make it work with you and that her friend may be able to.

It’s very likely that you dating this other girl will affect the quality of their friendship.

A) She may say she’s okay with it—and I do like to take people at their word—but I find myself siding with your other girl friends here.

Once he realizes this, he’ll be the one chasing you instead. Second, you’ll want to move on with your life and start dating other men. Jealousy is a huge factor when creating attraction. That means you need to go out and enjoy life more than you normally would.

I don’t mean sleep with as many men as you can, but you need to start dating again. Go surfing, skydiving, bungee jumping, or anything that you would find exhilarating.

If attraction doesn’t exist, then it doesn’t exist. Just like how you can’t force your ex boyfriend to fall in love with you again.