Dating drinking games

Awesomely fun group activity that gets all participants the perfect amount of hammered while simultaneously objectifying every member of both sexes within your general vicinity? In this case, you must grab a new beer and shotgun it.

It should be a common name like “John” or “Kristen”. Once the names and aliases are sorted out, you can start Tindering.

The game is a resonsive website developed by Patrick Neeman.

You need one bro and one female to sit opposite one another and then open the Tinder app.

Sit down at a table where your entire group can face one another. You should be able to shotgun wherever you damn-well please.

But even if you’re legally old enough to consume alcohol and you don’t have a drinking problem, you should really play these with water, juice, or decaf tea or coffee.

Considering an average reality TV episode, if you play with booze you’ll be putting yourself at risk for alcohol poisoning by the second commercial break!

Take a drink every time someone asks you what your plans are for Valentine’s Day and you are forced to tell them you don’t have any plans. Take another drink if it is followed up with a suggestion of getting all your single friends together.

Take two more drinks if it is followed up by the person telling you that being in a relationship isn’t all that great.

A blatant “fake name” or “fake age” profile AKA “The Fake ID Rule”. A Tinderer OVER age 50 or UNDER age 18 AKA “The Hefner Rule”. A “Selfie” profile pic AKA “The Tinder-bation Rule”.

a landscape or a cartoon character) AKA “The What's In the Box?!

(I’ve heard of drinking games where people take a shot whenever “the bitch they hate gets eliminated.” That’s the opposite of media literacy, in that players are buying into these shows’ manipulative framing and editing, rather than questioning it.

As most comedians know, there is a fine line between humor that shines light on injustice and jokes that simply prey on the weak and bolster the powerful.

Take three more drinks if it followed up by the person telling you how much money you will save by being single.