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Note: This is the Scapegoat for MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT…

Rev 17 and “Babylon has fallen” Rev 18; the Messiah rising from the Flames (Holocaust) will be Antichrist (Azazel from Num 16) not the true Scapegoat, Jesus Christ.

Rotterdam’s Plague King Dr Ron Fouchier “Human to Human adaptation and aerosol transmission of even a moderately fatal virus will become a plague of unimaginable proportion” When asked why he ressurected the Vaccine created 1918 Spanish Flu to make it Human to Human transmissible, the good Dr said “Because we can” USAMRIID mouthpiece Dr Peter Jahrling “Ebola is Earth’s immune response” Obama Ebola Czar Ron Klain “Overpopulation is my primary concern”.

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“Dire consequences for Europe” NATO Sec Gen Jens Stoltenberg.

British is derived from “B’Rith=Birth Covenant aka “Covenant Men”, a reference to Cain, Japheth (“the elder” in KJV), Ishmael and Esau.

A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is all that is required to set you free from a bondage you may not even be aware of.

Dresden Germany, the Free State of Saxony hosts the Satanic Elite in 2016.

The King Arthur, Holy Grail, Merovingian (Mary Magdalene did not produce kids with Jesus people; Merovee is a Sea Beast aka Beast rising from the Sea aka the Solar Christ) myths originated here as well; Arth means “Branch”; the arrival of the Antichrist in the 2016 Satanic Jubilee year (50 years after 6th Tetrad and Founding of Church of Satan)? The EU Parliament, built as an Unfinished Tower of Babel, has the Whore riding the Beast out front with Seat #666 held vacant; they aren’t hiding this stuff people!

America is the “Phoenix of the New Age”; American gold coins in fact used the Phoenix rather than the Eagle.Desperation may be the 2016 theme as many of the participants are being investigated as 9th Circle Initiates (Child Kidnapping, torture, rape, ritual killing); maybe members Sen Lindsey Graham, Henry Kissinger, Gen David Petraeus, Gen Phil Breedlove (ex NATO Supreme Allied Commander), Christine La Garde (IMF) et all will fill us in.It seems every Bilderberg Mtg invites people seemingly out of place, such as 2014 participant Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed (CDC HQ in Atlanta; Ebola scare); this year, 3 names caught my attention: Mayor of Le Harve (Normandy Beach; Areva MOX Fuel plant likely supplied Fukushima Uranium-Plutonium Oxide) Phillipe Edouard and Mayor of Rotterdam (MERS Co V, Weaponized Ebola) Admed Aboutaleb and Gen Phil Breedlove (ex NATO Supreme Allied Commander who says “We are ready for war with Russia”).How about […] Read More Dec 31 Writing is on the Wall for 2017; Return of Jesus? […] Read More The Battle of Mosul (Neo-Assyrian “Paradise”) begins “Feast of Tabernacles”; Jesus’ real Birth.Mosul means “Paradise”, not the Paradise Jesus promised but the Neo-Assyrian paradise of Sargon III; Jesus is “KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS” Rev ; Sargon “Legitimate King” is a Satanic fake just like Christmas..Co R was formally created in 1968 to divide the World into 10 Kingdoms (The 10 Kings/10 Horned Beast Dan 7:7).