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I wanted to sound witty, intelligent and yet casual.

I could show them my personality through written words, and I thought, they would be drawn to me.

I did get the occasional message saying ‘Don’t care about the disability, want to have fun?

’, but responded ‘No, that’s okay.’ Actually, I’m giving the writer too much credit as punctuation and spelling were not priorities in the message. I’m no Beyonce, but also didn’t claim to be in my profile.

I decided to put a mention of the disability, why not right?

I am not ashamed of it and someone would look past that and see me for who I am not what I have. Zero messages from potentials, no likes, winks or smiles.

There was a time when I thought I found “the one.” We met in 2006, became friends and six months later were dating exclusively.

The “L” word didn’t take long to say, and I was truly smitten.

by Lucia Rios Disability and dating – two words that are not always seen together or thought of as a reality. Honestly, there were times when I viewed myself as asexual because I thought who would want to date or marry someone with a disability.

My reality is that I have a disability and I’m single. Most of my high school and college friends have married, started families, engaged or actively dating. Unfortunately, dating has always been a non-exist subject with many family members, friends and my doctors. Of course I had crushes, and had that Brad Pitt poster hanging over my bed senior year of high school, but actually dating didn’t seem realistic.

My picture showed a regular woman with a nice smile in a wheelchair.

I started to look at myself and think okay this is wrong and that is wrong. My oldest sister said ‘No way, you’re related to me.’ Which obviously didn’t help because both her and my other sister are beautiful.

A few years before I had gone to a friend’s wedding and she met her husband online.