Dating a straight girl

But when you’re trying to find a lady friend, that problem has the potential to become even worse.

If your school doesn’t have an enormous LGBTQ population, it might be really hard to find a girl who isn’t your ex, your BFF’s ex or someone who’s connected to you in some other strange, distant way. Frankie Bashan, LGBTQ relationship expert and coach, says that if your community is too small or practically nonexistent, you should look into lesbian-specific websites or communities for not only romantic company, but friendships as well.

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“If this person can hold information in confidence, then you should try coming out to them and see how they react,” she says.

“Ask them to be respectful of your privacy, but also ask them for advice or help if you think they can assist you.” Another thing Dr.

If she understands from the beginning that this is something that is new to you, you will know from the start where she stands, and you can plan out together how you want your relationship to play out.

However, if you’re bisexual, it’s a different story.

You talk all the time, and you have a bunch in common.

You’ve started making subtle yet flirty remarks to test the waters, to which she giggles, but never quite reciprocates.

Queer girls are wary of hooking up with bi girls and often might respond negatively if you come out to them as such.

“When I date someone, regardless of gender, some people do not know how to handle the fact that I am bisexual and are either confused by it or, in some cases, rude about it,” says Claire**, a senior at the University of Texas at Austin. Bashan says that one of the biggest issues that she sees college women facing is trying to figure out where they fit on the sexuality spectrum.

Nothing sucks more than going to your LGBTQ club’s monthly potluck only to find your ex-girlfriend hitting on the new transfer student.

You want nothing more than to scoff, roll your eyes and sulk off in the opposite direction as you contemplate “accidentally” spilling your drink on her later on in the night.

Let’s be real: No one ever knows the perfect formula to dating, especially not in college.