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This applies in all cases: doctors oftentimes use more anesthetic to knock us out prior to surgery, and we rarely get knocked unconscious. During my entire time at college, where I had my share of drinking binges (one time I ate a whole damn bowl of Jell-O shots, unaware that you’re only supposed to eat two or three cubes at the most), and never once blacked out.When I was six years old, I went in for surgery, and distinctly remember waking up in the middle of the operation. But I distinctly remember those few seconds of being on the operating table, aware of what they were doing to me and my supple little body, and being less-than-thrilled about it.But at least 2% of you guys and girls are fake redheads.

You mainly see fake redheaded women, but dudes get into the act as well. The more people who get corrupted by their desire to be just like a real-live ginger, then the easier it becomes for us to attain our ultimate goal.

Back in 2005, South Park put out an entire episode dedicated to Cartman’s hatred of redheads.

Learn More About The Gathering Grounds It’s no secret that ginger women are regularly ogled, despite supposedly being evil soulless rangas. The more that you guys realize this, the more our girls can seep into your bedrooms and latch onto your men like blood-sucking parasites.

The obvious conclusion; we’re giving you all a slight head start before we unleash Hell.

The Mayan calendar says the world will end in December.

Redheadday 2012 is scheduled to take place in September, with several thousand projected attendees.So let that all sink, and then let me know if you STILL wanna fight.Why Even Doctors Fear Us As I mentioned earlier, 2% of us are natural redheads.The whole point of the character is that he’s a bigoted little turd who deserves every bad thing that comes his way; hardly a role model for your outlook on life.So yes, we’re all aware that you listened to a cartoon piece of construction paper and decided that he was right about people who have strawberry tint on their heads. You don’t think it pisses us off when the biggest sperm bank on the planet stops accepting seed from redheads because nobody wants a redheaded baby? We’re naturally pale, and the sun is our mortal foe. Also, it happens And the numbers grows and grows each time.