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Abraham was a very conservative person, and towards the end of his tenure, he held the company back from making compelling films.For example, Abraham didnt want the films to have any credits except for Coronet branding.In fact, being so tied to the textbooks and the classroom curriculum often meant that creative projects were not done.

There he finished three more semesters before World War II and the program were over.

I went into the Army in high school and came out a senior in college.

According to his estimates, he wrote over 1,000 scripts during his tenure at Coronet.

In 1950, after freelancing for the company, he was hired on staff.

During those three and a half years, Waskin had been studying Civil Engineering.

Even though he had some trouble with certain engineering concepts, he decided to stick it out rather than throw all of that education away.

We stayed in business if schools would buy the films.

And schools would buy the films if they enhanced the teaching that was done by the textbooks.

a campaign to train kids to be kids again (and, not incidentally, to train girls to behave like the girls they were supposed to be).

Mel Waskin, 2012 Melanie Cregger conducted the following interview with Coronet Film's Mel Waskin in 2012 An Interview with Mel Waskin Coronet Instructional Films is probably most well-known for its formulaic social guidance films.

However, when he transferred to the University of Illinois, an advisor made a mistake and signed him up for a class at the wrong time, in the wrong building, in the wrong room.