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Just like the verse says, light and darkness have a very hard time coexisting, and one of them will always take over the other.

God’s will for us is the teaming up of two hearts filled with light.

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That’s why each item on this list should come paired with a talk with God and trusted others.Once you decide how important these 20 items are to you, put your thoughts into action when courting your special someone.If they say they are Christian, they should live their lives striving towards God honoring choices.The world may tell us this doesn’t matter, but God does care about it.Make sure that the person you date makes a real effort to spend regular time studying the Bible and building a relationship with Christ.

The growth that comes from this not only benefits them, it will benefit you.Many people claim the title of Christian without actually believing anything related to Jesus.Does your date have faith in God, themselves, or just plain hard work.When we spend time meditating on the Word, we understand God better and when you date someone who makes that a priority you are teaming up with someone who has the same values as yourself.Life gets busy and sometimes it can be hard to make it to church, but it’s important to make the effort.Try using it as a weighted scale instead of a checklist.