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Also, there is a lot of peer pressure regarding dating.Social media culture doesn’t help either,” says Dr Vipul Rastogi, consultant — neuropsychiatry, Medanta, Gurgaon.

Love, like every other emotion, cannot be bottled up or ignored.

So, the best thing a parent can do is to talk to their kids about it.

On the flip side, it also has a potential of scarring somebody for a long time.

A bad experience can damage self-esteem and confidence.

The simplest explanation I have ever received was from my little one is: “Dating is going out with a boy to a cafe for a cup of coffee.” So, what’s the right age for dating? “Maturity does come with age, but it is not necessary.

I think the most important factor is having a sense of your self as an individual and being able to say ‘no’.

But it is also true that it is like a fruit that has to be savoured at the right time.

We live in a time when everything is happening a little too fast.

Broad definitions“Dating is best described with the idiom ‘testing the water’.

You may be attracted to one aspect of somebody’s personality and it is a way of knowing them better,” says Dr Vipul.

As parents, should we discourage, not pay much heed to it or reflect on our relationship with the child?