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While we bags of flesh and bone question our position and purpose in the universe, so, it seems, does Siri question life's worth in your phone.

The platform's retorts only increase in wit when its best mate the internet comes round to play.Are those real or were you upgraded in silicone valley? THE LOWEST FORM OF WITA key tool in Siri's comedic arsenal is sarcasm.With endless sarky retorts on hand, the service is quick to get snide with anyone brave enough to ask when your favourite bacon-producing animals will take to the skies. AN ATHEIST WALKS AMONG USWe get Siri to perform menial tasks on a daily bases, but the faceless friend has hidden depths. Think again, Siri's preferred pet is something a little less cuddly, a little more fictional, and way more awesome.Instead of giving you a straight answer, Siri uses Cookie Monster to crush your spirit and highlight just how lonely you are that your asking a smartphone PA, and not an actual friend for help.3.

NO-ONE LIKES A SARCASTIC POETAs well as being a regular digital stand-up/school yard bully, Siri is also something of a poet.When discussions turn to the afterlife and omnipotent powers, the i OS assistant does away with our human belief systems without hesitation. It's also one domesticated by the Rebel Alliance – maybe Siri isn't so dastardly after all.9.Honouring motherboards more than mother earth, the digital presence has very pragmatic views on the power of creationism.8. A MASTER OF OBSERVATIONAL COMEDYLike a Michael Mc Intyre joke, Siri's sense of humour and irony is largely observational.Ask it to read you a haiku – one of those five, seven, five syllable poems – and Apple's pre-programmed response is a winner.Again dialling up the sass, the i OS PA uses its lyrical ways to show its discontent not only with its thankless job, but also with you, its feckless user.Siri isn't just a one-hit wonder, either, it's got plenty of poetic ammo to put you in your place., Siri will do nothing to abate your worries of the impending robot uprising.