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Mel Gibson's first American film was Mark Rydell's 1984 drama The River, in which he and Sissy Spacek played struggling Tennessee farmers. In 1985, after working on four films in a row, Gibson took almost two years off at his Australian cattle station.

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Gibson produced, directed, and starred in the epic historical drama film Braveheart (1995), for which he won the Golden Globe Award and Academy Award for Best Director, along with the Academy Award for Best Picture.

He later directed and produced the financially successful and controversial, biblical drama film The Passion of the Christ (2004).

Gibson's theatrical credits include the character Estragon (opposite Geoffrey Rush) in Waiting for Godot, and the role of Biff Loman in a 1982 production of Death of a Salesman in Sydney. Shortly after making the film he did a season with the South Australian Theatre Company.

Gibson's most recent theatrical performance, opposite Sissy Spacek, was the 1993 production of Love Letters by A. During this period he shared a a week apartment in Adelaide with his future wife Robyn.

Director Peter Weir cast Gibson as one of the leads in the critically acclaimed World War I drama Gallipoli, which earned Gibson another Best Actor Award from the Australian Film Institute.

The film Gallipoli also helped to earn Gibson the reputation of a serious, versatile actor and gained him the Hollywood agent Ed Limato.

Gibson also served as the speaking and singing voice of John Smith in Disney's Pocahontas.

In 2000, Gibson acted in three films that each grossed over 0 million: The Patriot, Chicken Run, and What Women Want.

While promoting Signs, Gibson said that he no longer wanted to be a movie star and would only act in film again if the script were truly extraordinary.

In 2010, Gibson appeared in Edge of Darkness, which marked his first starring role since 2002 Gibson most recently played two villains: Voz in Machete Kills in 2013, opposite Danny Trejo, and Conrad Stonebanks in The Expendables 3 opposite Sylvester Stallone in 2014.

In the chase scene when Eric (Jade Calegory) is being chased through the streets by the agents, with Mac on his lap while he's easily leaving the agents behind as they can't keep up with Eric's wheelchair - they're on foot - then Eric gets towed along for a bit by a truck he holds onto as in Back to the Future (1985).