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When you look at the two prime ministerial wives who preceded her, her quiet spousal support seems even more heroic.

To consider Cherie Blair (I’m more important than him) and to remember Sarah Brown (I’m just as important as him) is to remind ourselves of Mrs Cameron’s understated triumphs in the Tory trenches.

She might set up her own fashion label, will almost definitely put her son’s name down for Eton, perhaps holiday at last in ravishing five-star luxury. No wonder, because she gave him class, perhaps more than he ever deserved.

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Who would have thought that it would be Mrs Cameron — this aristocratic former art student, a woman with a dolphin tattoo on her ankle and a rebellious streak hot-branded onto her soul — who would end up setting a whole new gold standard for what it means to be a modern political wife?

Yet nothing became her more than those last few moments at Downing Street.

Her beautiful children in their best clothes; flower-sprigged dresses and party shoes for Nancy and Florence, high-top sneakers and a neat shirt for Elwen.

She was always soignee, always composed, always doing the right thing.

When David Cameron was made Prime Minister, she put her own career as the creative director of luxury goods company Smythson to one side.

They were smart without looking like they were appearing in a 1930s costume drama (Prince George!