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This announcement comes only weeks after the World Health Organization announced that only 12 percent of cities reporting on air quality meet their standards for safe levels.

But they've run into an unusual problem: they simply aren't generating enough trash to power the incinerators, so they've begun importing waste from European neighbors.

The Chinese government announced Monday that it plans to take more than five million vehicles off the road to improve air quality, including 330,000 cars in Beijing.

Vultures are associated with death but they're a welcome presence in the Madzharovo region of Bulgaria.

Reporter Matthew Brunwasser took a tour of the Eastern Rhodope Nature Reserve, otherwise known as the Vulture Center.

Canadians gathered along an Ontario highway Friday to say goodbye to the reservist who was shot and killed while standing guard at the country's War Memorial. Monuments showing heroic Soviet soldiers dot many of the former USSR satellite countries.

And since the end of the Cold War, they have been refashioned by activists into political statements, infuriating Russian officials.

Some Syrians who fled to Turkey are now heading into Bulgaria to start new lives.

And Bulgarians are growing weary and wary of welcoming them.

For the Trakiiski Kalaidzhii, there are many important rules that factor in dating.

Most are merely "traditional," but one that has invited much criticism is the practice of paying a bride's family for "her honor," or guarantee she is a virgin.

And an Iranian teacher stands up for a stricken student who is bullied.