Brightmail antispam not updating

In response to the university’s request to limit the number of unsolicited email messages (spam) arriving in APU inboxes, IMT has implemented a centralized spam detection system called Symantec Brightmail Anti-Spam (Brightmail).[Spam] Brightmail works by scanning all incoming email messages before they reach APU inboxes and tagging the message subjects with “[Spam]” if they meet specific criteria defined by the Brightmail filters.These updates are released by Symantec several times per hour.

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By design, it is not possible to download Brightmail Antispam updates from a Live Update Administrator 2.x (LUA 2.x) or any other internal repository.

False-Positive A false-positive results when Brightmail believes that a message is spam when it in fact is not spam.

According to Symantec’s published statistics, this will occur 1 time for every 1,000,000 email messages received.

Symantec's NAVEXTM antivirus technology defends against new and known viruses.

Attachment and subject line blocking capabilities provide responses against, and support for hourly definition updates enables organizations to respond quickly to, emerging threats.Example: [Spam] will be prepended to “Invest in this stock now! ” if the Brightmail filter determines that the message is spam.IMT recommends that you set up email filtering to move these messages to your Junk Mail folder if you are on the Exchange 2003 email system.False-Negative A false-negative results when Brightmail determines that a message is not spam when it in fact is spam.According to Symantec’s published statistics, this will occur 5 times for every 100 spam messages you receive. Follow KB How to register and activate Symantec Brightmail Message Filter for steps on loading the license file.