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Narrator: At first, mom-to-be Lisa thought she'd try labor without the help of an epidural, the most common type of pain relief used in childbirth.

Lisa: Once I could feel where the pressure was and I could try to gauge my pushes towards that pressure, it didn't hurt, it was just tiring. Castelli arrives to guide Lisa through the final stages of pushing.

After 45 minutes of well-paced pushing, her baby is almost here. Keep it coming, let's bring that baby underneath that pubic bone.

Her husband, Rob, supported her decision either way.

Lisa: She asked several times, and I was being stubborn. Narrator: Epidurals are usually given once you're in the active stage of labor. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (12): CD000331. Narrator: For the most part, epidurals are safe and effective. you're not allergic to it, but it just makes you itch. But like all medical procedures, they come with certain risks. Nine times out of ten that's what you get, and it's the trunk, it's the belly. Narrator: As mom and baby meet for the first time, Lisa's doctor stitches up a small tear to her perineum that occurred during delivery. Lisa: Her name is Jules, and she was born at , and she is 6 pounds, 11 ounces, and 20 and a half inches long. Narrator: One hour after delivery, the effects of Lisa's epidural are wearing off. My right side of my body got a lot more epidural and it's taking a little bit longer for that one to get back to normal. Narrator: For Jules' mom, Lisa, an epidural was a great option. Now, large and king size condoms have dominance over regular or trim sizes in parts of Europe, particularly Scandinavian countries, while smaller condoms sell better in the Far East, he explains, but doesn’t elaborate on whether this is to do with size, a preference in fit or down to different types of social pressure.Earlier this year Thai officials pleaded with young males to stop buying unnecessarily large condoms after STI and pregnancies rates rose. Pharmacologic management of pain during labor and delivery.