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She sneaked into his house at night and lay at his feet while he was sleeping—a far cry from the dating advice of many pastors.Boaz was touched that she was willing to marry an old man, and he married her, saving her from a life of poverty.

So this article is not to list a bunch of reasons why you are at fault for not being married …as if marriage was something you just bought at the store. I respect and care about women’s issues more than there is space to write about here. Because Girls might get offended or not understand but a mature Christian woman will probably get it and take the knowledge. A woman’s relationship status does not define her, so being single is not a disease or an indication of something “wrong” with her.They would rather know now, shed a tear or two and start working ASAP to move out, move up, move on or move forward so they don’t waste more time doing the same thing and not getting the outcomes they want. All your single girlfriends AND male friends should read this. Why can’t our wonderful Christian sisters find their Boaz, David or Joseph? Many Christian ladies want a man that “knows where he is going”…but God’s men usually don’t have a clue: Think about that for a moment.Churches try to address this problem through special retreats and sermons aimed at singles.

You might hear your pastor or small group leader advise single women to “Be like Ruth and wait for your Boaz to ask you out! ” I would submit to you that where singles are discontent in churches, one possible remedy is egalitarianism.It’s a story of redemption, yes, and by analogy, Christ’s redemption of us in our hopelessness.It’s an illustration of how God loves, values, and uses people regardless of race and class distinctions imposed by society.But it’s also the story of a society where the subjugation of women made them vulnerable to poverty and assault, and about a particular woman who overcame these issues the only way she could—by taking initiative to collect the resources at her disposal. Rather than being a lady in waiting, Ruth is the one who makes many of the moves.We live in a society still plagued by injustices based on gender, class, and race.In contemporary middle class America, women don’t have limitless options and opportunities, but we definitely have many more options than some of our sisters in other circumstances. —who buy into the idea that women must rely on men to reign supreme in relationships limit their own options.