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The author himself likens the series to that of a yonkoma novel Ken is a 2nd Year student, and holds the Student Council "Blue Chip" Seat for Vice-President - Valedictorian.He entered the student council as the top-scoring student in his year; the highest scoring student has a choice to be in the student council.He loves playing eroge and bishōjo games, and plans on making the rest of the student council members his "harem".

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She is the cause of most of Ken's labor and why he became an eroge maniac.

Kurimu and Ken met in the spring (桜野 = field of cherry blossoms) when she was Vice President at the time, Ken decided to help her carry boxes.

Like the season she represents, she's often the first to suggest something and is always looking towards the bigger picture in mind. However, she has a sadistic side to her, which is shown when she "brain-washes" Ken and Kurimu.

She has a very large ego calling herself the best student council in the world, and that she is destined to be a god. Also, she makes a lot of references to her sadism in the anime.

Chizuru states she is not a morning person, with her hugging Kurimu in the morning.

She is very manipulative, able to control Kurimu and Ken.As her friend was scared of losing Chizuru's friendship, she attempted to isolate Chizuru.The bullying created emotional scars that were later healed by the student council.Ken also has a serious side to him, and he truly cares for those around him; According to Kurimu, they have yet to find someone who dislikes Ken.Ken reveals to Lilicia that the student council itself is his "dream", where his goals and happiness co-exist.The sole male member is Ken Sugisaki, who entered the student council by becoming the top-scoring student in the level which he had to cram to achieve.