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Just had a litter of 10 to 130 rated marathon star Lottes Girl and 130 rated lady Storm Pockets, due to give birth very soon . Track record holder Sittingbourne 28.50 for 480m trip.

Derby Finalist 3rd in 2012 in which he started ante post fav . Juvenile Invitation entrant for the six best pups in 2012 . Fav for the William Hill Classic in which he broke his hock .

is the source of information regarding college and universities with a multi-national presence.

The site is maintained by the Cross-Border Education Research Team (C-BERT), hosted at the State University of New York at Albany and Pennsylvania State University.

Nicks first litter of eight , Nov 13 whelps , have won 30 races already .

The C-BERT database has a total of 247 IBCs in operation. Note: Our numbers for China do not include Hong Kong SAR because it has a different regulatory system than mainland China.

If you have updates or corrections to our data, please contact us contact us.

As much as we love the brand that used to build excitement, it has joined the likes of Mercury, Oldsmobile, Saturn and more in the automotive graveyard.

A certainty to win in two more races time when drawn red and a little more experience .

Gooch did a 3.72 split and thats top class even for an 18 month old pup.

C-BERT maintains a comprehensive list of international branch campuses and also tracks other aspects of cross-border higher education.

The C-BERT research team is dedicated to providing our visitors with accurate and up-to-date information.

A truly wonderful and remarkable hound in every respect.