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I mean you can't be that ugly if someone wants to be with you. This is exactly what I am going through and this is the first time I have read of someone with such similarities, mine is about my weight/body shape I feel like a beast and wear baggy clothes and hate being out in daylight, and have had period where I would crash diet and then binge and put on weight I went from a size 10 to size 14 in 3 months, I now feel so anxious and also depressed and know I will never be able to date or be in a relationship, I have been single for 9 years now and I am losing faith that things will ever change.I have had therapy which helped but I got worse again once stopped.

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One of the most important things that you can do to help someone with BDD is to remain calm, patient and optimistic that the problem can be overcome.BDD is a serious mental illness and the person suffering from it can no more ‘snap themselves out of it’ than any of us could if we had a physical illness. The most important role to play is of a supporter or cheerleader as the person takes steps upon the road to recovery.I always feel like ppl are staring at how "unkempt" I look.I always feel like I'm dressed "bummy", but thats only because I cant wear fitted clothes.Enthusiasm, empathy, understanding and general support are the best help you can provide.

Make sure that you communicate, both with your relative who has BDD and with everyone else in your family.

Studies suggest that people with BDD are rarely satisfied by a cosmetic procedure and their symptoms of BDD frequently persist.

No one should be blamed for BDD – it’s not the fault of the person who has it, and nor is it your fault as a relative.

This means: Families should not try to adapt their ways of doing things to accommodate a relative’s worries. Accept that BDD may complicate family life, but get on with it anyway, and encourage your relative to maintain as normal a lifestyle as possible: Anticipate how you will deal with your relative becoming stressed or irritated by your new way of responding and have a plan that you can both agree upon if he or she becomes aggressive or angry.

Where aggression is a problem, always ensure your own safety, if necessary by calling the police.

Hence there is no need to feel guilty for ‘causing’ BDD, even if there is a possible genetic link.