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One tweet said the conversation included talk about oral sex.Police say some of the remarks in the conversation were inappropriate and is under review.The decision described the sexual pictures as "mixed in with photos of (Hankey's) family, legal documents and report cards for students.''"Clearly, dishonesty by a teacher is not model behaviour to be followed by students and does not honour the fundamental trust that a community must have in its teachers,'' read the document.The panel references a single instance of evidence where Hankey refutes an allegation.They didn’t know many in the city could hear their workplace chatter.

People took to social media to describe the R-rated conversation using the hashtags whoops and speakerphone.

In its 21-page ruling, the panel references evidence from the consultant's interviews that Hankey admitted to the allegations, which include forging the school principal's signature on report cards and claiming sick leave on four occasions to attend court hearings on an unrelated domestic abuse charge.

Hankey faced seven allegations, all of which the panel ruled were "proved,'' and all except one amounted to professional misconduct.

He also wasn't present for the panel hearing, which took place in late 2014.

The panel based its decision in part on interviews conducted by a consultant hired by the school district.

WINNIPEG (NEWS 1130) – Winnipeg police are apologizing after officers flying in a helicopter mistakenly broadcast a conversation that one person says referred to a sex act.