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In an intimate setting, Zak sits face to face with the haunted people from some of the most haunted ...

Investigation: Team leader Barry Fitz Gerald had the idea to perform an ancient Mayan bloodletting ritual in hopes that it would draw the spirits out.Co-lead Kris Williams was clearly opposed to the idea, but investigator Susan Slaughter jumped in to volunteer her blood to the Mayan spirits.When at Port Arthur in Tasmania (Australia) the GHI team never investigated the souls of those who were murdered there in the massacre of 1996.The tourist site wants to wipe the shame of that bloody day.When Tepperman commented that the spirits were stupid, the lights began to flash on and off - which they say it has never done before.

After their session, Chin thought he saw a face of an old woman, but there was no one around.If you missed the episode that has people talking, here is the rundown: Location: The Cahal Pech Mayan ruins in San Ignacio, Belize History: The ruins of this ancient Mayan temple date back to 1200BC.The Mayans would perform human sacrifices to appease the gods.See more » Sadly, they try to project themselves as doing scientific investigations but there is nothing really scientific in their procedures aside from the fact that they are using technical gadgetry.They spend a few hours investigating a particular location and base their conclusions on whatever they experience or capture on their equipment within that short window of time. First of all, in most stories of hauntings, occurrences don't happen every night or all the time. So granted that a place might actually be haunted, do they expect that the ghosts must pay respects to their presence and show themselves just in the few hours they are there? And then they have the hubris filled proclamations that the place is not haunted based on their investigation as if they did a thorough and extensive investigation.They did however capture a very clear EVP of a male’s voice saying, "Pedro not here." Pedro was the client who called GHI in to investigate.