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The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), which develops, maintains, and disposes of the UK's nuclear weaponry is in the parish.

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The manor house was bought by Associated Electrical Industries (AEI) for £16,000.

In 1953, Pole stepped down as Lord of the Manor and was succeeded by AEI's senior representative, Thomas Allibone.

He did, however, commission the building of a parish hall in 1897 and provided the village with a water supply, and the water fountain on the small village green was installed to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

Keyser oversaw the restoration of the village almshouses in 19, and defrayed the cost of a memorial oak tablet in memory of those killed in World War I.

Of the 100 men from the village who served in the war, 22 were killed (the highest percentage of town population in the country).

The tablet bears the name of each man lost in action.

Burr saved the 17th-century manor's wooden staircase, though all that remains of the building is a staircase to the cellar (which is now home to a colony of bats).

Burr held the estate until his death 50 years later, when was inherited by his son, who sold it in 1893.

The manor passed through the Forster family until 1752, when the Forster lineage ended and the estate was inherited by Ralph Congreve, the husband of the last Forster's grand-niece.

The Congreve Family owned the estate at the time of the 1830 Swing Riots.

It was bought by the Praxis Group in 2013 for £4.7 million and is now subject to plans for restoration that include 227 new homes in order to finance the restoration of the manor house and grounds.