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Contributions will be for small parts of the work In March last year, Siruthuli launched a joint initiative to clean the Noyyal River System in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Erode, and Karur districts.

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When the rainfall is deficit the tank will act as a drought relief structure.

The lake will also help in creating bio diversity by providing shelter to many birds and animals.

The prices of the vegetables and fruits are daily fixed at the average of 20 % higher than the wholesale prices and 15% less than retail prices by the Committee consisting of the representatives of farmers and officials. You may use any one of the Ulavar santhai depending upon your logistics & close proximity.

We are strategically placed between Singanallur & Sulur Ulavar Santhai both of which are situated in Trichy Main road.

Contributions will be for small parts of the work so that more people can contribute. educational institutions joined hands with city-based NGO Siruthuli and cleaned the Vedapatti Lake better known as Pudukulam.

Ganganarayanasamudharam, located near Perur, is a huge water body and needs to be desilted completely. This water body is located near Perur in Coimbatore.

The job posting is for a dairy farm in Tiruppur (Tamilnadu).

Job would start at am till am and similarly start at pm till pm.

The judges who heard this petition ordered the Tamilnadu government to remove the Seemai Karuvelam (Proposis Julifora) trees from all over Tamilnadu.