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Rose then challenged Jones to an ECCW Women's Championship match at Starstruck.

This reign proved to be Rose's most successful reign as champion as she was champion for just a little over four months.At Summer Smash 2005, Rose then lost the championship to her former protege Christina Jamison.However a month later, Rose lost the title back to Hobbs.Many months later, Rose then defeated her friend Lindsay Jenkins to begin her final reign as champion.During the match with Sanders, Rose reinjured her surgically repaired knee after trying to hit Sanders with a face buster. Rose then made her return to ECCW at Redemption 2005 after the ECCW Women's Championship match between Lindsay Jenkins and Melissa Jones.

Jones had attacked Jenkins after the match which prompted Rose to come out and make the save for Jenkins which in turn made Rose turn into a face for the first time in her career.

Her third reign just came up short of reaching two months as she lost the title to Jamie Synn at Bloody Glory.

Rose then took some time off due to a nagging knee injury.

Rose then returned to ECCW at Revenge 2004 as a surprise opponent for Jennie Lee and then defeated her to begin her fourth reign as champion.

This reign however wasn't as successful as her first three reigns as she lost the championship just a month later at Redemption to Brooke Sanders.

Rose's second reign proved to last as long as her first reign as she was defeated by Heather Fox at Breakdown.