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How could it be, you ask yourself, because as you saw it the date was fun, the conversation flowed and you were so sure that you had impressed her and won a few points.

Are you tired of coming back to your place alone, disappointed after each date?

Therefore, if you unconsciously believe, for example, that you have to have a six pack for someone to want you, no matter how great a date is in your eyes, the woman will end up refusing to sleep with you or seeing you as a man she truly wants.

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From a man who always tries to impress and please, you will become genuine, honest and loyal to your values and who you are.

What if you are about to meet the perfect woman for you?

The alpha male knows what’s good for him, and will not do things that come at his expense.

The alpha male can be very romantic, but only when he wants to be, without being obligated to act in a certain way.

He is not looking for a chick because he is lonely or needy.

His life is full of excitement and interesting routines and he chooses to bring someone into his life from a place of confidence, security and sense of wholeness. Whether you want to attract the woman of your dreams or multiple girls for sexual experiences, it’s important that you develop an attractive personality, with alpha male features, free of games and ego. The funny thing is, when you stop caring how women will react to you, they want you more. Before we get to it, check with yourself this scenario: How many times have you dated women and at the end of the night heard the sentence, “You’re sweet, but I prefer that we stay friends”? I’m being real, and if they don’t like it, that’s okay, I’m being true to myself. The alpha male mindset is not about playing some tricks to make a woman want you, it’s about a deep mentality that you carry with you.I’ve developed a meditation that is specially designed to help you build those mind muscles of an alpha male.It will program your attitude to become appealing, a person whom women lust over, crave and want.Don’t lose your chance because of unattractive dating behaviors. This groundbreaking program will help you build authentic self-confidence, and that is the secret that will draw ladies to you – not looks, money or fame. They sincerely believed that they deserved the best; their standards were high and they projected this! They owned an inner confidence that said “I am the prize and the women I date need to prove themselves to me”.