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We don’t know yet whether it will be installed by default on Android devices — we only know that Google decided not to hijack SMS like Apple’s i Message does.

This system of pushing out the full contents of messages while still offering an easy way to download is a clever way of creating a network effect.

The best part of Google’s new messaging app Allo is the ability to chat with the Google Assistant AI helper.

But for now, that's more of a novelty, says WSJ’s Nathan Olivarez-Giles.

United States, September 21: Google Allo is new chat app for Android and i Phone.

It has the Google Assistant built in and it’s rolling out today.

If you didn’t catch the news when Google first announced Allo back in May, I’m going to start with the basics.

How a messaging app works can be surprisingly complicated, so bear with me a bit as I go through it.You can associate your Allo account with your main Google ID (for me, this happened automatically) or keep it separate if you’d prefer that.The downside to this system, as I said above, is that it’s only going to work on your phone.Google has set up a full SMS relay so that your recalcitrant friends can avoid installing it at all if they don’t want to.If they’re on an Android phone, something new and intriguing happens.Having somebody demand you install an app to chat is annoying.