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At present, Drupal core offers only one configuration system: variable_get().

That is, the only configuration system available in core is a single, inefficient, unsearchable key/value store.

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And by offering more features than variable_get(), we can get rid of most or all of our one-off configuration systems and fold them down into a single, powerful, deployable system.By basing it on the file system, we can make it available at an extremely low level very early in the request cycle.All other forms of configuration in Drupal, even in core itself, are one-off implementations, most of which use the database directly because, well, it's there.That has led to the current situation where managing configuration in anything resembling a sane fashion is ugly, a hack, or both.The problem is that there are very good reasons for all of them to require one of the others first, which creates a circular dependency.

We need to sort out that problem before we can get building.Matco provides all the tools you need to become a top tech at an exclusive discount. If we feel that your idea would be a great addition to our product line, you could be rewarded!The twin deep-engineering Core Initiatives of Configuration and Web Services have been taking a long hard look at Drupal's basic, underlying architecture of late. I have tried to summarize the situation and the challenges below, and invite informed, insightful feedback from the community.We're swirling around three fundamental pieces that should, we believe, revolutionize Drupal core and Drupal development, allowing for a quantum leap in Drupal's capabilities. The three cornerstones of this new approach are Configuration, Context, and Plugins. For that reason, we're trying to solicit wider feedback on a few key architectural questions.Build your NEW Matco workstation or ADD storage to your existing Matco toolbox or service cart with this dynamic visualization tool.