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Sure, these friends might try to help, but they might also benefit from giving bad advice. Friends with benefits, but without the sex: Straight women and gay men exchange trustworthy mating advice. So naturally, if you want to know what your boyfriend our husband thinks, ask your gay male friends. Whenever I wonder what to get my wife for Christmas, I ask the lesbian at my office.

They could look good by comparison or give advice that ultimately helps themselves (instead of you) snag the desirable guy. With no competitive or sexual motives, these friends can be the best source of love advice for each other. I know she'll love the Birkenstocks and the kd land CD.

Gay men are straight women’s love consultants, dating strategists, and healers of heartbreak; and straight women are giving it right back. This fascinating bond between straight women and gay men is for a good reason: perceived trustworthiness – a critical perception when it comes to love advice (Russell, Del Priore, Butterfield, & Hill, 2013). For love advice, gay men and straight women may be a match made in heaven.If you do come up against rejection because you’re positive, try not to take it personally.It doesn’t really have to do with you – it’s the other guy’s preference for his safety.The highly-attractive straight women befriended gay men to the extent they believed gay men valued them outside of their sexuality and were givers of unbiased advice.

In sum, it's no wonder straight women, especially highly attractive women, prefer to surround themselves with gay men: they may (finally) get some advice they can trust. If straight women confer with straight men (or gay men with gay men), those men might have ulterior motives: their advice might be biased.Consider also the straight woman consulting with her straight women friends.Sometimes it's not so easy being attractive (who knew? Ultimately, this puts highly attractive women in a tricky situation – who can they trust? Using an allocation system and observing how straight women divvied up a set of “friend dollars,” the researchers observed an intriguing pattern: highly attractive women, more so than less attractive women, allocated more friend dollars to gay men than to people of other genders and sexual orientations. Importantly, perceptions of trustworthiness were at the heart of this pattern. So it’s important to realize when you yourself are guilty of it.