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It is you, the only person that makes me spend happy moments. If you had come with me as you said, I would like more this village that I currently hate.

The rendition of the text in standard Catalan and the translation into English were done by Manuel Hurtado Ferrández and Dago Lesmes.

How can citizens of Delhi help in reducing pollution?

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If each one of us takes a pledge to do our bit for our environment, I am sure Delhi will be a better place to live in. Read More: Most Polluted Cities in India Pollution in Delhi after Diwali Celebration Delhi’s Odd-Even Scheme Observations Delhi’s odd-even car rule to reduce pollution How can Delhi bring down its pollution levels?

This image was sent in by Angela Brown, who wanted to know what the inscription on the bracelet means.

I find nothing that I can even compare to your company...

I can find no charm anywhere, and nothing entertains me.

Kelly has been told that the script is an early form of Devanagari and that the text might possibly be a Pali commentary on a Tibetan document.

If you can add any further information, please contact Kelly at: [email protected] to Aniruddha Basu, the script is a form of Nagari (may be eastern Nagari - mother to modern Bengali, Oriya and Assamese scripts) and he thinks that it would date from around 9th to 10th century, may be even a bit later, considering the development of its letters.It is the duty of every citizen to think in a broader perspective to control pollution.We really don’t want our future generations to live in an unhealthy environment in Delhi.We really don’t want our children or our elders to get into incessant coughing due to pollution.Like we say charity begins at home, I take a pledge to do what I can for my environment and protect it to the best I can.As for the language, he recognises certain conjuncts and syllables that would be pronounced "sva", "shvaryya" "karmya" etc., which do not appear in Pali.