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As Chris Rock said, “Ever since [women] are thirteen, men are offering them d—. That’s why when planning a date, a woman will usually ask the guy what he wants to do in order to win his approval and get a read on her new love interest.Take control and suggest your favorite restaurant or bar.It’s like having arms, legs, or a driver’s license. Too many men are much “too nice” to women, especially when they’ve just met.

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Focus at first on having fun and enjoying yourself, and let the biographical details come out naturally.And as a general rule, try not to ask two questions in a row – you’ll be amazed at how much it improves your conversation and flirtation skills when you force every second thing you say to be a statement.Telling her which wine to order AND that her movie choice is passe is a definite no-no. What’s even more awkward is hearing your date talk about his “crazy girl” experiences. Which means, a no video game and dirty laundry or dishes zone when she’s at your apartment. So when you do find one, don't ruin your chances by making these deadly mistakes.In the real world, women are attracted to men who show the courage and confidence to approach.

When you see someone you’re interested in, starting walking to her right away.At Love Systems, we call this the “eyes-feet reflex” – when you see an attractive woman, move your feet.If you don’t have a go-to opening line, check out the Love Systems Routines Manual for multiple examples and word-for-word scripts of what the top masters actually say and do when they are attracting women.That you can treat her like a real person instead of putting her on a pedestal.You can’t talk your way into a woman’s heart, or bed.Since the disintegration of her parent’s marriage she’d only love two things. The second was how easily she could cut it off and not feel a thing. He knows almost immediately she is who he has been searching for.