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It's still possible to park in the car park overlooking the sea and then take a leisurely walk across the cliffs.

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Outside, the gardens are beautiful - a delightful blend of native Irish wild flowers mixed with more exotic shrubs.There's also a small lake (where the "bid" lives), a bluebell wood and even a badgers' set.Meticulously renovated by its owner, Chris Tinne, it's the perfect place from which to take in the peninsula's beauty without necessarily venturing outside its gates.The interior is a striking combination of traditional Irish and contemporary styles: the stainless steel in the kitchen sits easily alongside Donegal tweed curtains and slate floors.The children spent hours pottering in the garden, playing football or hide and seek, and then skipping down to the beach where they dunked their nets in rock pools and sledged down the sand dunes.

In fact, they were so engrossed in their surroundings that there were no requests for television.She, in turn, used to love going out for a "run" in the car.If we stopped by the shore, she would shuffle down to take a sup of the sea water.Still, we were all delighted to be introduced to this small creature as it scooted around the jam jar, along with tadpoles and an assortment of other creatures.I had returned here for the first time in many years.Here, local man Pat Doherty has spent 10 years recreating an early 20th-century village during the potato famine.